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    Slog is a website that provides plenty of smooth and sleek designs for website themes. Slog designers provide the best templates on the internet. There are thousands of satisfied customers using our templates on their websites. we always provide unique and fresh designs as per customer requirements.

  • Why Slog Templates is the best?

    We always work hard to provide you better and better. Our design templates are fast responsive on various devices, better an SEO point of view, every update should be provided you time to time.

  • Slog Templates Designers.

    Our team works hard to develop unique templates. Every day is challenging for us any custom editing possible to your download templates from Slog designers designed templates.

  • Slog Help Squad.

    We always provide 24 hours on support service from various social messaging platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Instagram. Within every template, we provide a documentation link for installing that template on your website.

Currently, we are providing only blogger platform templates. Slog Templates a design without any encrypted coding and malware inside the template.

 Problems Facing by the Users?

1. How to Install Slog Blogger Template?

Installing Blogger Template is very simple but some Users are facing the problem. Within every Slog Blogger Template, we provide an extra Documentation file that will guide you To install the blogger template into your website. Further, if you are facing a problem you can contact us.

2. What If  I resell Slog Templates?

All the Templates are provided by Slog Templates are under  Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. It is illegal to Sell any Slog Templates without our developer Permission. If you find someone selling Our Templates. Please Contact Us. All the Templates are under Licensed with Copyright Register Trademark.

3. Facing a problem during file Installation.

Many users are facing problems during the installation of the blogger template by uploading an XML file into your blogger Dashboard is a good way to install but due to some internal error, you should try to open the XML file in notepad then copy all the code and paste into your blogger dashboard. 

4. I am not able to make a payment?

Slog Templates provide various online methods to pay and get your Premium Template. There are many International payment gateways are available. Further, if you are not able to make payment Please Contact us. Currently, we are Providing payment through PayPal, Instamojo, and Debit Card.

Thank you for visiting our website. You are the best visit again. 

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Team Slog Templates